My name is Rex, I’m a combat veteran with 20 some years of military service, a Nevada entrepreneur, and I want to represent you.  I’m running for office in Nevada Assembly District 27.  I believe the Government should be small and serve to support our basic infrastructures, defend our borders & immediate allies, and other duties are those of the State.  I expect the Government to stay out of social issues, stay out of our  bedrooms, and stay out of our personal decisions.  I know our lives, emails, and cell phones should be free from Government intrusion, and control.  I insist that the U.S. Industries which made this great nation be free from Government overreach.  I pledge to dismantle as much of this federal intrusion as possible.

This isn’t about Party Loyalty anymore, I don’t go along to get along, this is about Loyalty to the U.S. Constitution, JOIN ME.


  I’m running for office to give you the professional and ethical public servant you deserve  –  Someone who represents YOU rather than a Party Line.

Together, we can to trim the Government, unbridle industry, and embrace the values that made our nation GREAT.



Call the Campaign Line:  775-345-3434


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