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Rex Crouch for Nevada Assembly District 27

Rex Crouch - Veteran for Nevada Assembly District 27

My name is Rex, and with the support of my wonderful wife Christine, I'm running for office in Nevada Assembly District 27.  I believe the Government should be small and serve to support our basic infrastructures, defend our borders & immediate allies, and little to nothing else as outlined by our Constitution.  I expect the Government to stay out of social issues, and stay out of our  bedrooms, and personal decisions.  I know our lives, emails, and cell phones should be free from Government intrusion, and control.  I insist that the U.S. Industries which made this great nation be free from Government overreach.  I know this is a country by the people for the people, not by the people for the enrichment of  the 1% political elite leaders; many of the elected leaders today seem confused by this.

I believe the Liberals who are taking over the Democratic Party are not Democrats.  Rather than Integrity, these Liberals bring with them an old and proven approach to politics and that is to lie, make the lie simple, keep repeating the lie, and eventually the people will believe the lie.  Good Democrats believe in the U.S. Constitution just like good Republicans; Liberals on the other hand express their hatred for our Constitution through Subversion of the great document which we are seeing today out of Liberals at the federal level, and their loyal followers at the state level.  This isn't about Party Loyalty anymore, this is about Loyalty to the U.S. Constitution, JOIN ME.

So here we are--I’m told we can’t complain about the elected officials if we don’t vote.  I vote and vote, and I’m tired of complaining; I'm running for office because something has to change.  For the last five years, Liberals have addressed every government funding issue with a proposal to raise taxes rather than reduce the scope of Government.   For the last five years, Liberals have exploited every human tragedy to attack the American Bill of Rights rather than address our highly medicated society.  For the last five years, Liberals have abused and oppressed the manufacturing and raw materials industries which create jobs, develops the infrastructure, and stimulates the economy.  I’m running for office because I’m disgusted by what has happened to our country, our government, and our leadership.  

See the Incumbent's Horrible Voting Record at this link (per NPRI) - She voted three times for spending beyond Revenue to put the state deeper in debt, and she even voted against the American Bill of Rights, SB 221.  She voted for AB 74 which puts more power into the hands of attorneys.

To the best of my knowledge, our Liberal representative for Nevada Assembly District 27 has never presented a Bill to specifically benefit our Assembly District.  Some of my best campaign donors have been Democrats who feel betrayed by the Liberal incumbent.  Apparently, our Representative has simply been a Puppet for Senator Harry Reid and a Rubber Stamp for Barack Obama's Liberal agenda; totally failing to represent the people who elected her here in the Assembly District.  In fact, Senator Harry Reid came to Reno in December 2013 to give the incumbent and award for towing the Liberal's agenda so very well.  If Senator Harry Reid, the man listed as one of the ten most corrupt politicians of 2013, likes and respects the incumbent, that should make you take pause.  Let's make this simple-  If you like Harry Reid, vote for the incumbent.  If you don't like Harry Reid...  VOTE REX CROUCH

I'm running for office to give you the professional and ethical public servant you deserve  -  Someone who represents YOU rather than a Party Line.

Together, we can to trim the Government, unbridal industry, and embrace the values that made our country GREAT.

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Map of Assembly District 27

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Rex Crouch is a Fiscal Conservative and Constitutionalist for Nevada Assembly District 27 - vote smart - Vote Rex Crouch
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