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   Embracing Our American Values
  • Rex - Dog Walking AreasRex at San Rafael Park with Reno in the background.
  • Christine Looking Over RenoChristine taking a picture of Reno above the "N" on the hillside in Assembly District 27
  • Ventura East AditRex, mapping, channel sampling, and assaying an abandoned mine to determine financial worth in the current market.
  • Rex at Lincoln Day Dinnerat the Peppermill
  • Christine at ~300 MetersChristine engaging targets with her AR-15 at ~300 meters - Washoe County shooting facility.
  • Rex over Carson CityRex over Carson City hiking with his wife and dogs.
  • Christine in Volcano Mine Main AditChristine mapping faults, the surveys of abandoned mines leads to possible further resource development using modern technologies.
  • Christine Modeling an AR 15Lincoln Day Dinner at the Peppermill
  • Iron Ore & PaintingThe left is a slab and polished sample of iron ore collected from a NV pit mine and the right is Rex's painting representing the ore sample.
  • Kitteh HershelThis is Hershel, named for Caroline Hershel, the mathematician and astronomer who discovered Comet Hershel and other celestial bodies.
  • Zeb and LokiThis is Zebulon and Loki, these are our rescue pups.
  • Kitteh TeslaThis is Tesla, named for the physicist and electrical engineer Nickola Tesla who pioneered DC electricity.
  • Rex somewhere in the Middle EastSome operation in the Middle East
  • Rex in the Republic of PanamaRex on the tarmac at Tocumen International Airport, Republic of Panama.
  • Rex and sonOn the USASOC Plaza
1 2 Rex - Dog Walking Areas3 Christine Looking Over Reno4 Ventura East Adit5 Rex at Lincoln Day Dinner6 Christine at ~300 Meters7 Rex over Carson City8 Christine in Volcano Mine Main Adit9 Christine Modeling an AR 1510 Iron Ore & Painting11 Kitteh Hershel12 Zeb and Loki13 Kitteh Tesla14 Rex somewhere in the Middle East15 Rex in the Republic of Panama16 Rex and son17
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Rex Crouch - Veteran and Constitutional Conservative Republican for Nevada Assembly District 27

My name is Rex, and with the support of my wonderful wife Christine, I'm running for office in Nevada Assembly District 27.  I believe the Liberals who are taking over the Democrat Party are not Democrats.  Rather than Integrity, these Liberals bring with them an old and proven approach to politics and that is to lie, make the lie simple, keep repeating the lie, and eventually the people will believe the lie.  Good Democrats believe in the U.S. Constitution just like good Republicans; Liberals on the other hand express their hatred for our Constitution through Subversion of the great document which we are seeing today out of Liberals at the federal level, and their loyal followers at the state level.  This isn't about Party Loyalty anymore, this is about Loyalty to the U.S. Constitution, join me.

I'm running for office to help reclaim our country and state from the Progressive-Liberals who are attacking our Constitution, our Industries, and our American Values.  There's no way we can defend our children, our seniors, and vulnerable populations from poverty, substandard Liberal education, and substandard care if we fail to defend the basic values, principles, and infrastructure that made our nation great.

So here we are--I’m told we can’t complain about the elected officials if we don’t vote.  I vote and vote, and I’m tired of complaining; I'm running for office because something has to change.  For the last five years, Liberals have addressed every government funding issue with a proposal to raise taxes rather than reduce the scope of Government.   For the last five years, Liberals have exploited every human tragedy to attack the American Bill of Rights rather than address our highly medicated society.  For the last five years, Liberals have abused and oppressed the manufacturing and raw materials industries which create jobs, develops the infrastructure, and stimulates the economy.  I’m running for office because I’m disgusted by what has happened to our country, our government, and our leadership.  

I'm running for office to give you the professional and ethical public servant you deserve


Rex is for:

Professionalism in Public Service

Ethical Integrity in Politics

Defending the U.S. Constitution and American Bill of Rights

With these principles in place, Nevada's economy can recover, businesses will be allowed to thrive, the people will be able to find work, get good insurance, save for the future, and our children, seniors, and vulnerable populations will be best protected.  We can all be Nevada Proud.

The campaign needs your help.  Please contact the Rex Crouch campaign and offer to Volunteer or Contribute your talent.

Together, we can to trim the Government, unbridal industry, and embrace the values that made our country GREAT.


Click to see a map of Assembly District 27

Map of Assembly District 27

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Rex Crouch is a Fiscal Conservative and Constitutionalist for Nevada Assembly District 27 - vote smart - Vote Rex Crouch
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